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Situated just 9 km form the city, Caulfield is largely a Jewish enclave, with the highest Jewish population in Melbourne. Caulfield Racecourse hosts about twenty race days each season, including the prestigious Caulfield Cup. Monash University has a campus in Caulfield, which hosts about 13,000 students. Caulfield Park is a great place for a bit of time out.

Though Caulfield is a quiet suburb and there isn’t much nightlife, St Kilda and Chapel Street are nearby. It is one of the most accessible suburbs by public transport and two stations and three tramlines service the area. Despite the variety of housing styles, Caulfield still retains its homely feel, withstanding the push for housing development in recent year. Mainly older, stable folks and families live her but singles of all ages like the range of apartment living and its proximity to public transport and St Kilda.

Caulfield South

Located 10 km southeast of the CBD, Caulfield South is a flourishing suburb full of several ovals and playing fields, sports clubs, pavilions, open spaces, children's playgrounds and many paved walking tracks. Multiple train stations and tramlines service the area and make it one of Melbourne’s most accessible suburbs via public transport.

Princes Park and the nearby Caulfield Park are great places for relaxation, exercise or social walks with friends. Students and clubs are regular users of both parks’ sports’ fields.