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St Kilda East

Located 6 km southeast of the CBD, St Kilda East is one of the more densely population suburbs of Melbourne. Quiet and residential, it is the adjacent suburb of St Kilda. The area is extremely diverse with a rich and thriving cultural atmosphere. Recent development of the area, rising land values and excellent access to public transport has seen recent gentrification in the area. Modern i medium density apartments are being built on many blocks, with the Carlisle Street area designated an activity centre under the Melbourne 2030 planning scheme. The area is also home to many heritage-listed precincts and places. 

Several forms of public transport serve St Kilda East with major tram routes operating on Carlisle Street/Balaclava Road, Chapel Street, Dandenong Road and St Kilda Road. St Kilda East is well known for its unique culture. The area around Carlisle street has a strong arts and indie community presence. 

Major features of the area include cosmopolitan Carlisle Street’s, preserved heritage streetscapes, relaxing parks and walking trails, as well as bustling cafes, bars and shops.


Located 7 km southeast of the CBD, Balaclava is a quieter sister neighborhood of St Kilda, located centrally between the beach and the city. Serviced by Balaclava train station and major tram routes operating on Chapel Street Balaclava Road, Carlisle Street, Dandenong Road and St Kilda Road, it is one of Melbourne’s most accessible suburbs via public transport.

The suburb is perfect for recreation and leasure. Carlisle Street is recognised as on the best breakfast/café strips in Melbourne and otherwise offers a variety of restaurants, bars bakeries and supermarkets. In the area is Alma Park, which is well known for its beautiful, walking tracks and family friendly play areas for children, as well as the historic Ripponlea Estate and Mansion.