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Jack Taylor


Jack Taylor, our skilled Videographer has three years prior experience in the real estate industry. Armed with a BA in Visual Arts, Jack is a technical, creative and calm professional who prior to embarking on his career in real estate specialised in video creation across various genres, including documentary, fashion and advertising, he also managed a small real estate visual marketing team in Sydney.

Jack attributes his success to his open-minded approach, good listening skills and high attention to detail. He believes his collaborative mindset together with his focussed thinking are positive characteristics he brings to his role.

What sets Jack apart in his field is his unique utilisation of tools and his ability to use an exciting blend of old and new technologies. This approach allows him to create classic and timeless videos that stand out in a competitive market. Jack is passionate about what he does, he finds immense joy in the entire production process, from the initial concept to the final delivery, ensuring that each video not only meets its intended goals but often exceeds expectations.

Beyond his professional life, Jack enjoys tennis, chess, and has a passion for horticulture, particularly gardening and bonsai. His family is internationally dispersed, adding a diverse and global perspective to his experiences. With dual citizenship in the UK and Australia, Jack has enriched his professional journey by working and living abroad in France, England, and Belgium.

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