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Because coffee is the most important meal of the day

Gary Peer is passionate about real estate - but like any true Melburnian, we're also passionate about excellent coffee.

Not only are we innovators in property - but we're also turning heads with our unique coffee van. Our coffee van does the auction rounds on the weekend to provide free coffee, water, lollipops and smiles to bidders and bystanders alike. This concept takes the customer service experience to a whole new level - not only will you be enthralled by the auction, but you’ll be well watered, too.

Our auctions are already a great time for all, but with the addition of a van filled with caffeine and fun, friendly baristas, it sure has a huge impact at auctions. Plus, who doesn't love a free cup of the good stuff?

We haven’t forgotten those who are not into coffee – yes, we know they are out there too. We have bottles of chilled water to give away as well as plenty of lollipops to go around.

The Coffee Crew

When we introduced the famous Gary Peer coffee van, it wasn’t enough that the van bounced around from auction to auction providing free coffee, water, lollipops and smiles to bidders and bystanders alike. The coffee van had to be run by an awesome crew!


Cold brews, warm hearts: The Gary Peer coffee van’s past, present and future

It was 2015. Jacob Kingston – then 21, studying marketing and economics at Monash University – sat chatting with his dad, Phillip, over a coffee. The topic of conversation? How to bring yet another layer of entertainment to Gary Peer & Associates’ already show-stopping auctions. Sipping their espressos, it wasn’t long before inspiration struck. When they realised that the answer was, quite literally, under their noses.

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