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Melissa Cutajar

Rental Receptionist

A newcomer to the team and to the industry, Melissa joins as us Receptionist at our St Kilda office. Prior to embarking on a career in real estate she was a care worker for over four years, also spent some time in retail and factory work and has a Certificate IV in Community Service, Certificate IV in Mental Health and an RSA under her belt.

Melissa describes herself as a kind, bubby & empathetic person – qualities that are sure to shine through in her role as Receptionist! Melissa believes that kindness goes a long way. “You never know what others are going through, so I think the best thing you can do is always be kind!” she says.

During her time spent working as a care worker Melissa got to deal with many different clients with varying needs. In doing so, Melissa believes she gained tremendous empathy and an understanding of people that she puts to use every day. A people’s person through and through, Melissa believes she has a real knack for getting people to open up to her and in doing so immediately creates a connection with them, which she hopes will make her a valuable asset to the Gary Peer team. “I look forward to meeting all the new faces that come into the office” says Melissa who is always up for a little chat.

And while Melissa might be kind, caring and empathetic she also has an extremely strong minded and determined side to her. “Once I’ve got it in my head that I want to do something, I always end up getting it done and being told I can’t, only makes me more determined to get it done!” she says.

Outside of work Melissa loves spending time playing with her two fur babies who she says are her whole life! She also loves going camping with her partner or just being out in nature on a sunny day. However as much as she loves being in the great outdoors, she’s very much a homey girl at heart, who loves nothing more than being at home lazing around in her tracky pants and a baggy jumper!

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