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Inspired by nature, built for you: Our Windsor Park project

Peace. Beauty. Connection. All things you can’t help but feel from the second you step into Windsor Park – one of the latest developments being managed by our New Projects team. So how did such a sanctuary come to be? We sat down with Glen Slimmon of Sinclair Brook Developments to find out.


An inner-city retreat: The Windsor Park vision

Windsor Park officially began development in 2019. But its story began long before then.

‘There’s a real need for housing in Melbourne,’ Glen says. ‘We recognise that at Sinclair Brook, so we take on projects across the spectrum – not only high-end.

‘But we noticed Windsor lacked projects catering to buyers seeking sophisticated finishing quality and architectural design.’

So, they decided to make one.

‘Windsor Park was first conceived as an inner-city sanctuary, a calm retreat in a vibrant city,’ Glen shares. ‘The significance of the park-side location led us to consider how we could create residences inspired by nature.

‘And that central idea has never changed,’ he continues. ‘In fact, it’s been refined throughout the design process.’



It takes a village: The project dream team

Sinclair Brook was the first to see the opportunity at Windsor Park, but it took many more people to bring it to life.

‘Finding the site was like discovering a rare gem – a 3000m2 island location, surrounded by nature in one of Melbourne’s most liveable suburbs,’ Glen recalls. ‘We saw it as a once-in-a-lifetime chance to create something special, so we assembled Melbourne’s best design talent to deliver our vision.’

And assemble they did.

‘Wilbow Group is our capital partner,’ Glen says. ‘Jackson Clements Burrows was the architect, Hecker Guthrie took care of the interior design and Eckersley Garden Architecture looked after the landscape architecture.’

As for construction, Ironside brought their years of experience in high-end, multi-residential apartment projects.

‘As a team, we work closely and collaboratively, valuing what each member brings to the project as leaders in their respective fields.’



Feast your eyes: Creating a legacy through design

The mission for Windsor Park was simple: to create a beautiful place to live, purposeful, spacious and sustainable homes – and a built environment that enriches the urban fabric of Windsor.

Simple to define. Not simple to achieve.

‘Residents are very protective of this park; they couldn’t imagine how a building of this kind would fit,’ Glen admits.

Hence the project’s more understated design.

‘We intentionally shifted away from the traditional concept of luxury,’ Glen explains. ‘Instead, we wanted to emphasise substance and the natural elements we’re lucky to be surrounded by.’

And they did exactly that, using an edited concrete palette, warm metal, glazing and neutral brick.

‘We prioritised liveability over density,’ Glen continues. ‘But with featured materials like Peperino Grigio natural stone, Krause Emperor brick and mid-tone timber veneers, we still delivered the wow factor in spades.

‘What’s more? You can choose between our light and dark scheme apartments depending on your aesthetic – both of which are sure to blow you away.’



The ‘art museum in the earth’: Windsor Park’s Japanese influence

Windsor Park was heavily inspired by minimalist Japanese architecture – which is clear to see.

‘It was essential to us that the finished building would feel timeless and like it belonged in the surrounding environment,’ Glen shares.

‘The central courtyard was inspired by the Chichu Art Museum in Japan,’ he says. ‘Chichu literally means art museum in the earth.’

Chichu was constructed in 2004 with the intention of making people rethink the relationship between nature and people. Now, it’s a major tourist attraction.

‘We thought it would be fun to re-create the Chichu Art Museum experience here in Windsor,’ Glen tells us. ‘Plus, it really fits in with our overall design ethos of connecting built structures with the environment.’

The result? A quiet and gallery-like sanctuary for residents right in the centre of their home.



Collecting stars like stamps: Sustainability at Windsor Park

Windsor Park has been designed to achieve a 7-star average Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) score – setting a new standard for modern living while they’re at it.

‘We’ve taken every opportunity to engage in sustainable and innovative design,’ Glen enthuses. ‘We want to challenge the status quo and be early adopters – and therefore market leaders – in those fields.’

And with Windsor Park, they are.

‘Windsor Park incorporates best practice environmentally sustainable design, construction and building operation initiatives,’ he says.

These include ESD-conscious materials, fixtures and fittings, effective natural ventilation, integrated solar technology, water efficiency and rainwater harvesting – to name a few.

What’s more, gardens comprise around 40% of the site, with 12 canopy trees around the perimeter.

‘Really, we’ve designed comfortable, quiet, healthy and beautiful residences with lower energy costs – and lasting benefits.’



Right at your doorstep: A peaceful and connected lifestyle

Residents of Windsor Park can look forward to many things: innovative design, lower energy bills – and making a home in a connected location.

Connected to nature. Connected to the community. Connected to the city.

‘Windsor Park is one of the few residential addresses in Melbourne that can genuinely claim to be on a park,’ Glen says. ‘Yet it’s still centrally located.’

It’s true. Victorian terrace houses and Art Deco apartments line the neighbourhood streets, evoking a sense of tradition, nostalgia and residential calm. Meanwhile, thanks to the Chris Gahan Reserve, residents have green space for outdoor exercise and fun.

In fact, there are many opportunities for fun in this locale.

‘People flock to this side of Chapel Street to enjoy vibrant dining, shopping and recreation,’ Glen shares. ‘The city centre is just 5 km away, and thanks to the building’s proximity to trams, buses, trains and arterial roads, getting there (or anywhere) is a breeze.

‘Overall, Windsor is what I’ve come to call a boutique suburb. It’s Melbourne’s 17th smallest geographically and 11th most liveable.’

That’s higher than South Yarra, Toorak, Prahran and Armadale, by the way.



Long live the Kingstons: Working with Gary Peer

Sinclair Brook already had a relationship with Gary Peer & Associates before Windsor Park, but that doesn’t mean that working together on this project was guaranteed.

‘We always knew we needed to work with people who understood our vision 100% from the outset,’ Glen explains. ‘And after meeting with Phillip and Jacob Kingston, we knew we spoke the same language’.

The language of Windsor Park: high-quality design and thoughtful engagement with customers.

‘Not on the list of criteria, but I also appreciated their father-son connection,’ Glen shares. ‘There’s a wonderful working relationship there. Phillip brings decades of experience, while Jacob brings fresh energy and creative insights.

‘I hope one day to have the opportunity to work in property with my own children.’

And today? They’re all working together with a matched enthusiasm and passion to deliver a life-changing opportunity – to you.



Interested in getting your hands on your very own park-side sanctuary? Get in touch today to have a look at our display apartment!