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The man on the move: Meet Daniel Peer

Growing up, many of us walked home from school. Not many of us would walk home each day with a local friend whose parents owned a cake shop en route. And even fewer of us would then continue our journey – after devouring the day’s delightful treat – to our own parents’ business to work a shift of filing and shredding. But Partner and Licensed Estate Agent Daniel Peer is not like many of us. We sat down with him to find out why.


From playtime to property: Growing up in real estate

Daniel’s family needs no introduction. (We’re sure you’ve heard of his dad, Gary, by now…)

But to say his upbringing was unconventional would be an understatement.

‘I grew up with my dad, my mum Hana, my sister Nina, and the fifth member of the family – Gary Peer & Associates,’ Daniel laughs. ‘So, already at 7 years old, I was involved in the business in one way or another.’

But for Daniel, unconventional wasn’t a bad thing. It was quite the opposite.

‘I loved being around the business. Back then, our Orrong Road office was minuscule compared to the size it is now. But it had such a fun, warm, buzzing atmosphere that it was one of my favourite places to be.’

Because for Daniel, as long as he’s around family and friends, he’s happy.



The school of life: Words from the wise

Daniel’s family bonds are unbreakable. In fact, some of his most pivotal life advice came from his grandparents.

Both sets of Daniel’s grandparents come from broken childhoods. They were Jewish victims of the Holocaust who escaped the unspeakable horrors of Nazi-occupied Europe in the early 1940s.

‘Even through their trauma, my grandparents remained positive, determined and upbeat,’ Daniel shares. ‘They moved to Australia, not speaking a word of English, and all built a happy and prosperous life for themselves and their families.’

The one piece of advice they made sure trickled down through the generations? Be proud of who you are and where you come from – and never lose perspective.

‘Some of my favourite memories come from spending time in my grandparents’ living rooms, eating heavy food and watching inappropriate TV,’ Daniel says with a smile.

‘When I was 8 years old, my granddad and I watched Borat together,’ Daniel remembers. ‘He was sitting with a glass of cognac, I sat next to him with a box of chocolates. I didn’t understand the movie at all, so I just laughed whenever he laughed.

‘It ended up becoming my favourite film.’



Learning outside the box: Daniel’s educational journey

For Daniel, school was not a natural strength.

‘I was never much of a student,’ he recalls. ‘Having ADHD, my behaviour was often misunderstood by teachers. I was hyperactive, overstimulated and disengaged, and for most of my schooling career, nothing seemed to get through to me.’

So, he changed tack.

‘Because of my poor behaviour at school, I became known as being the “stupid chubby kid”,’ Daniel remembers. ‘But when I got to Year 11, I began to channel my energy towards my studies for the first time in my life.

‘I certainly worked differently from my peers, but I ended up getting a Year 12 score I was really proud of. And I continue to channel my hyperactive tendencies toward something positive to this day. Whether it be for work or health.’


Legacy labours: Choosing real estate back

It’s no secret that the real estate life chose Daniel. But, throughout his business degree at Monash University, Daniel chose real estate back.

‘My dad actually tried to talk me out of real estate,’ Daniel recalls. ‘He wanted me to enjoy my younger years and not to have to work 24/7.’

But Daniel always knew he would jump into the real estate game as soon as he could.

‘Okay,’ Gary said. ‘But if you want to contribute to our business, you need to understand it, and all of its components.’

So Daniel began the long climb up the ladder, stopping at every rung along the way.



Earning his stripes: Daniel’s career progression

After working hard for a full decade to earn the respect of his colleagues and clients, Daniel is now a Licensed Estate Agent and Partner.

‘I started in reception,’ Daniel begins. ‘Once I understood our office processes, how the keys needed to be handled and how our rental systems ran, I started getting to know our renters.

‘Once I understood our renters, I got to know our landlords as a Leasing Agent,’ he continues. ‘Then I got to know our business a bit better as a Business Development Assistant, then Business Development Manager… until I got to sales!’

And thanks to the solid, thorough foundation, Daniel hit the ground running.

‘I started independently, then built my game up,’ he explains. ‘But ultimately, I discovered that nothing was more important than understanding the many intricacies, processes and dynamics of our business. And having an ambitious and capable team to support you.

‘Those two things are non-negotiable for any elite sales agent.’



Young gun: Hard work pays off

Today, Daniel is listed as #25 in Herald Sun’s ‘Young Guns’ – a list of Victoria’s top 50 real estate agents under the age of 35. What’s more? Daniel is the second youngest on the list.

Success leaves clues.

‘I know a lot of the people on the list,’ Daniel shares. ‘And, ultimately, there’s no secret formula. They all put in the long hours, work hard and – inevitably – get results.’ A theme that’s consistent with the top performers within the Gary Peer & Associates walls.

More reward for effort came to Daniel last year when he was promoted to Partner.

‘I had no idea what was going on,’ Daniel laughs. ‘A few of us received an invitation to a mystery dinner. Based on the calibre of people invited, I got the sense that we were going to be recognised for our good work in some way. But I had no idea we were being made Partners.

‘It goes back to the theme of hard work paying off. Because every person who sat in that room absolutely earned it,’ says Daniel. ‘And for me to revel in that moment with such incredible co-workers (and great people) was really special.’



Like father like son: Working with Gary

How is working with family? If you asked Gary and Daniel, they wouldn’t have it any other way.

‘My dad leads by example and has always been a role model to me,’ Daniel shares. ‘He’s taught me countless lessons and principles that have shaped who I am today at work and in life.

‘Seeing Dad succeed makes me immeasurably proud. And I know the feeling is mutual,’ he continues.

A big believer in working with family – and friends who become family – Daniel has no shortage of loved ones at the office.

‘The Kingston’s, Phillip and Jacob, are like family to me,’ Daniel smiles. ‘I’ve known them since I was born. They’ve always been there for me, they’ve been present in all of my personal and professional life.

‘Ultimately, being able to work with the people I love will always be my favourite part of the job.’



Keep on keeping on: What’s next for Daniel?

Having already achieved so much so young, what might Daniel do next?

Well, he’s just gonna keep sprinting!

‘My approach in life and work is the same: just go with it,’ Daniel shares. ‘We’re in a volatile industry, you can never plan too precisely. But if you focus on your own growth, ask for support and uplift the people around you, you can’t go wrong.’

And a holiday or two doesn’t hurt!

‘One of my favourite memories with Dad is when we got two bikes in London City, rode around for 10 hours, ended up sitting on a remote bridge, lit up a Cuban cigar and spoke to some locals.

‘Because for people like us, no matter where we are, our appetite for exploring new areas, gaining new experiences and meeting new people will never be satiated.’



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