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Introducing… The Peer Blog! 7 things to expect in 2022

What do you think of when you think of Gary Peer & Associates? Property, probably. It’s what we do and what we’re known for.

But behind the inspections, boards and auctions, a core set of values underpins all we do. A commitment to community, for one – and a firm family focus. These go deeper than the deals – and persist long after the ‘SOLD’ sign comes down.

Our loyal clients already know this. But then it struck us – do you? 
From this realisation came what you’re reading – Gary Peer & Associates’ very first post (and the first of many.) Our aim? To connect with more Australians, while championing the diverse voices of our corner of southeast Melbourne. 

So let us set the stage for what’s to come. We’ll tease the kind of content we’ll be treating you to in the months ahead – and offer a sneak peek into the people and places we’ll be profiling. 

Here are 7 things you can expect to see – and 7 reasons to get excited.


1. An intimate conversation with our co-founder, Phillip Kingston

The Peer Blog’s first goal? Putting our people in the spotlight – and helping you get to know them better.

To start, we’re going back to where it all began.

Ever wondered how Phillip met Gary? About how the former’s farm upbringing influenced his future – and why it’s the latter’s name alone on the brand?

In an exclusive interview with Gary Peer & Associates co-founder Phillip Kingston, the man himself tells all. Featuring motorbikes, Formula One cars and Boeing 747s, we trace Phillip’s journey from Cootamundra to Caulfield over the decades.

So how about it – ready to meet the real Phillip Kingston?


2. Breaking down Melbourne’s best bites – with popular Peer personalities

Here at Gary Peer & Associates, we take our food seriously (and our coffee, of course).

Sit down at a restaurant in any of the Melbourne suburbs we call home and chances are you’ll spy one of our team members tucking in at a table nearby.

Whether it’s a sandwich in St Kilda or a margherita in Murrumbeena, we’re always dining locally – and have an eye for all the sweetest (and most savoury) spots.

But like the best food, the best eateries – be they fine dining, fast food or local cafes – are best shared.

So, another of our opening batch of The Peer Blog content brings you the Best Bites in Bentleigh – a digest of the suburb’s most digestible dishes and where to track them down.

We also chat to Leon Gouzenfiter, Director of our Bentleigh office, for his personal take on the area’s culinary treasures. Will you agree with his top pick?


3. Eye-opening interviews with everyday people

“If you want to go quickly,” one proverb says, “go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

This sums up how we at Gary Peer & Associates feel – and have always felt – about our community.

Throughout our networks across southeast Melbourne, we’ve seen first-hand the happy homeowners, successful small businesses and inspiring individuals that inhabit it. Personable, passionate people pulling in the same direction: their stories woven together in vibrant threads of the social fabric.

Be they places, faces or spaces, we’re proud of where we come from. And we want to celebrate it with you.

That’s why we’re getting out onto the streets of our community: interviewing everyday locals and business owners on their home turf.

Expect conversations with tram drivers, chinwags with baristas and chats with chefs. And find out what makes our collective home so special – through their eyes.


4. A deep dive into the home trends shaping the future

The perfect home is more than the sum of its parts. But what are those parts, exactly? What elements work together to produce the finest, most functional spaces?

It’s this question that our new content series – Home and Architectural Trends – will explore. In it, we’ll unpack trends in interior design, smart technology and environmentally-conscious home infrastructure. And that’s just the beginning.

Expect the big questions. What, for instance, does a truly stunning rumpus room look like? How are homes going ‘eco’ and is it worth it? What is a ‘Zen room’ – and does your next home or development need one?


5. One-of-a-kind insights into the selling-buying experience

Ever been at one of our auctions and witnessed the sale of a home first-hand? Watched the final bid win – seen the applause, the celebration – and looked on as the crowd gradually dispersed?

If so, you’ve probably found yourself wondering – what’s their story? How did it feel for the vendor? And what’s next for the buyer?

You’re not alone. There’s a vicarious thrill in experiencing the sale (and purchase) of a home – and now, we’re letting everyone experience it.

Our new collection of stories, titled ‘Beyond the Bid’, gives you a rare insider insight into the selling process. We’ll interview the buyer and vendor of a home sale, with a view to telling both sides of the story.

Why, for instance, is the vendor selling? What’s their mindset and motivation? We’ll unpack the unseen side of a house sale – and give you an unprecedented peek behind the curtain.


6. A day in the life of a real estate agent – meet our team from new angles

When you sell your home with us, you don’t just get a good real estate agent – you get a good human being.

A real one, too. Because we don’t become different people when we’re out of client view. Or when we swap suits for sneakers.

Our networks and neighbours know this. Now, The Peer Blog offers a novel way to showcase it. Through our ‘A Day in the Life of’ series, you’ll be a fly on the wall: accompanying various Gary Peer & Associates agents on a ‘typical’ day.

Stress with our staff on their school run, laugh with them at lunch and grab never-before-seen insights into the people behind the pinstripes.


7. Curated content, in your inbox – every month

As you can see, there’s plenty in the works here at the Gary Peer & Associates content house – with a lot to look forward to.

And we don’t want you to miss a thing. That’s why every month, we’re recapping you with the most recent, most relevant stories from The Peer Blog – delivered straight to your inbox, free of fuss or hassle.

Curated, carefully chosen content, every month?


“Where do I sign up?”

Plus, The Peer Blog and our monthly email recap aren’t the only things that are new around here. Behind the scenes, we’re working on something else.

Something big… very big. We can’t say too much about it right now, but – when we do – you’ll hear about it first right here.

So stay put, stay tuned, and watch this space!