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What your dream home says about you

Your perfect home is more than just floors, facades and furniture. It's a living canvas that whispers your personality to the world. Whether your ideal is an Art Deco masterpiece, a Mid-century modern gem, or a cozy Edwardian abode, it tells a captivating story about who you are – and what you love. So, let's embark on a journey through the language of exteriors and interiors, and decode the way your dream home speaks volumes about you.

The elegant Edwardian

Edwardian-style homes exude timeless elegance, with the perfect touch of vintage charm.

These architectural gems, made popular during the early 20th century, are known for their intricate detailing, classic aesthetics and strong sense of old-world grandeur. Think asymmetrical roofs, decorative mouldings, cozy fireplaces and a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Choosing an Edwardian-style home is a tribute to both the enduring beauty of the past and the comfort of a classic, well-crafted living space. Ideal for those who love a homely vibe.

Edwardian home aficionados embody elegance and vintage allure. So if you lean towards this architectural style, you’re likely a warm and sophisticated type – with values rooted deep in tradition.



Your contemporary coastal

Contemporary coastal (or Hamptons) homes are a modern take on beachfront living.

Chic and serene, they seamlessly blend into their environment. With open layouts, abundant natural light and a soothing colour palette inspired by the sea and sky.

The ‘nature in, nature out’ vibe continues with finishings derived from natural materials like driftwood, wicker and rattan. And large windows and outdoor living spaces allow homeowners to truly embrace the beauty of their surroundings.

Contemporary coastal homes offer a serene, beach-inspired retreat with a fresh twist. This makes them the perfect choice for those who seek a modern, yet laid-back, seaside lifestyle.

So if you’re a lover of the contemporary coastal, you’re likely a personality that's brimming with charm – and you crave a stress-free, balanced and nature-infused lifestyle.



A Mid-century modern connoisseur

Mid-century modern homes are an architectural dream, that represent the epitome of design sophistication from the Mid-20th century, with all the mod cons we love today.

Characterised by flat roofs, their north-facing orientation, exposed bricks – and their remarkable fusion of form and function, leading the charge for zoning activity areas.

The interiors are often adorned with iconic furniture pieces, showcasing warm woods and uncluttered layouts that create an inviting and timeless atmosphere.

It's a design choice that resonates deeply with enthusiasts who appreciate the perfect marriage of aesthetics and practicality, offering a living experience that's both elegant and functional.

Mid-century modern home enthusiasts are the embodiment of cool. So if these homes speak to you, you no doubt exude sophistication – with just a hint of nostalgia glistening in your eye.

Simply put, you’re a timeless and effortlessly chic personality that's always ahead of the curve.



The minimalist masterpiece

Minimalist homes exude simplicity and elegance, prioritising clean lines, uncluttered spaces and functional design.

Inside, you'll find a focus on essential elements, with a neutral colour palette and minimal décor. Minimalist interiors often feature high-end materials, emphasising quality over quantity.

These homes create a sense of calm and tranquillity, offering a serene refuge from the chaos of the world. With their emphasis on the essential, minimalist homes embody the idea that less really is more. This results in spaces that are not only visually pleasing, but also highly functional.

If a minimalist home was a person, it would be Marie Kondo herself. Or anyone who lives by her mantras. So, if this style of home speaks to you, you’re likely to be a practical, purposeful and focused person, who thrives on simplicity and clarity.

Your goal is to live intentionally, unburdened by excess. And to always appreciate the good things in life.



The avant-garde Art Deco

Art Deco homes are a visual spectacle, that ooze everlasting elegance with a dramatic flair.

Characterised by sleek curves and symmetrical patterns, these interiors feature geometric shapes, eclectic splashes of bright colour and monochrome prints. So bold that you could be worried the ‘clashes’ are almost wrong. But gosh, do they look – and feel – so right.

Art Decos showcase opulent materials such as rich woodwork and polished metals. And you could easily spend months uncovering the layers of unique and intricate detailing inside an Art Deco home.  

So, if you’re a lover of Art Deco architecture and design, you no doubt radiate an aura of vintage glamour – with a captivating dash of drama, sophistication and artistry. And you probably enjoy mixing the best of history with modernity.

Basically, you’re extra. And honestly, we’re here for it.



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