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Hard work, honesty and humour: Meet Limor Herskovitz

We all know the story of the hungry real estate agent – driven by profit, not people. But at Gary Peer, we’re lucky to work with the other kind of agent. The folks who do what they do for people. And there’s no better example than Limor Herskovitz. Known for her trademark frankness, wit and sensitivity, Limor brightens up the office – and the lives of everyone she meets. We met Limor for lunch to learn more about her empathetic approach, how she harnessed it to become a Partner – and, most importantly, why.

Globetrotting towards real estate

They say necessity is the mother of all invention. And for Limor Herskovitz, a career in real estate was a true stab in the dark.

‘I started my career as a high school teacher, and things get complicated from there,’ she laughs. ‘I’ve been a masseuse, a travel agent and a receptionist. I also once worked in the Israeli Ministry of Defence in New York City!’

This myriad of jobs – and a passion for exploring fostered by her parents – took Limor to Israel, the US, Brazil, Ethiopia, Zambia, Kenya and South Africa before she settled in Australia.

‘In 2001, my family and I returned to Australia. I started teaching and flipped houses on the side. Before long, a real estate agent I knew told me I should go into sales.

‘At that point, it was a survival decision. I had three young children and the financial stressors that come with that.’

So, Limor got her licence and took her first tentative steps as a real estate agent.

’Over 17 years later, I can safely say I made the right decision.’


Meeting an old peer, Gary Peer

Bit by bit, Limor built her real estate nous – and a reputation as a champion negotiator with people skills to boot. Which is when (and why) Gary Peer himself came knocking.

‘I was chatting with a pal when I saw my old school friend Gary running an auction across the road. He knew I was working for a different agency and came over to tell me off!

‘A few days later, he invited me for coffee and asked when I wanted to start at Gary Peer.’

That was 2007. And since that day, Limor has been a lynchpin of the Gary Peer offices – first in Caulfield and now in St Kilda.

‘For many years, I worked seven days a week. But I am a people person who loves being out and about, thinking on my feet. So the job and its intensity suits me perfectly.’



Putting the real in real estate

While real estate can often be characterised by numbers and contracts, Limor believes there’s a lot more to it than that.

‘I guide people through one of the biggest transactions of their life. So, there needs to be trust in that relationship. I’m lucky in a sense because I was born with a knack for getting along with people.

‘And I love it when somebody puts their faith in me.’

In fact, it’s this feeling of trust – and the results it brings – that keep Limor coming back to her office.

‘I’ve burst into happy tears so many times with clients at the end of a sale. Seeing the huge difference you’ve made in their lives is incredibly emotional. So, I guess you could say I get personally invested.’

This explains why Limor’s client base is predominantly created by referrals. And why you’ll consistently find her selling homes across Melbourne. From Yarraville to Oakleigh, there’s no suburb Limor won’t plant the Gary Peer flag.

The secret to her success?

‘Every client is different – and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach in real estate. I like to find out what matters to people and go from there. After all, we have two ears and one mouth. We need to learn to listen twice as hard as we learn to speak.’



Hustling from the ground up

Hard work. Humour. And a genuine passion for people.

These are the hallmarks of Limor’s real estate career – and her life as a single parent.

She reflects on her years of cutting her teeth in real estate while her children were young:

‘It was tough. I’d get up, drop the kids at school, go to work, pick them up from school, feed them, and go back to the office. Those were the days before remote work, so I’d be in the office until late at night.

‘But I always made it to my children’s major school events. My kids are my absolute world.’

It’s a familiar story for single parents. One that Limor understands intimately – and all the lows and highs that come with it.

These days, she counts herself lucky to be able to balance work and life more evenly. And count a number of exceptional ‘highs’ in her history.

One recent example? A private jet ride to Sydney with Gary, Phillip and a few of her top-performing colleagues.

‘Phillip won a bid at a charity fundraiser and decided to take a couple of us along. It was a highlight of my career.

‘I mean, you could never call me a highflyer – or even corporate. Most days, I’m running around Melbourne, but this was an “oh my god” moment.’

And then, six months later, another sweeping high came Limor’s way. This time, in the form of a mysterious dinner with Gary, Phillip, and six of her colleagues.

‘We were at this beautiful restaurant, and all of a sudden, Gary puts these business cards in front of us. He and Phillip had decided to make us Partners.’

That’s right. A brand-new title for seven outstanding real estate agents – and a swag of recognition along with it.

‘I burst into tears straight away. And I’ll never forget when Phillip spoke about all of us individually. He said he didn’t know how I had managed to raise such incredible children, all while forging my career.’

It’s moments like these when it hits home for Limor. Her years of hard work have paid dividends for her and her family.



The journey ahead

Anybody who knows Limor will tell you – her three children are her pride and joy.

‘Two out of three live in Israel with their partners, and my youngest son will be moving there soon with his fiancé. They take after me in that way – jet-setting travel-lovers.’

That’s why, when she’s not working, you’ll often spot Limor at the airport, waiting for her next flight to Tel Aviv.

‘We love spending time together. We get along so well, and they make me laugh constantly. At this point, we’re joking that I should get a second apartment there!’

So does that mean Limor is planning to make the move? She smiles at the question.

‘I’m not planning to retire any time soon. I’ll keep selling homes for as long as possible. But after that, we’ll see.’

This commitment to her clients makes Limor a go-to choice for sellers and buyers who want a trusted adviser. Someone with their best interests at heart. It’s part of why one client held onto her phone number for 14 years – to ensure that Limor could do the job when he next sold.

‘I’ve had several experiences like that, where people tell me I positively impacted their lives years later. It always moves me.’

Her people-first approach has made Limor’s career what it is today. And it’s the foundation of her advice to aspiring salespeople.

‘Always make people feel important. Focus on building relationships if you’re in it for the long haul – and stay in touch with your clients.

‘I can tell you my clients’ birthdays sooner than my selling statistics, which has helped me along the way. I don’t mean to sound corny, but when you help people – it comes back around.’



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